Envelope and Address Stencil Ruler Guide and Template for Writing, Calligraphy, Recipe Cards, Wedding Invitations, Thank you notes, Baby Shower Invitations, Holiday Cards and DIY Labels- 2 Size Pack

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Manufacturer Description

Envelope Stencils

Nothing is prettier than a beautiful envelope showing up in the mail.

Gone are the days of misaligned writing and off centered invitations. With the Lettering Stencil set you have 2 options at your fingertips to get those envelopes addressed just right. Simply place the Lettering stencil on top of the envelope or writing area and fill in your text in the allotted slots with your favorite lettering pens/brush pens. If the preassigned spacing doesn’t suit you, the transparent stencils allow you to adjust it to your liking. You can easily slide the stencil down to achieve your desired look. Just be sure to give it a few second between each line to avoid ink smudges from your pen.

The stencils can be used a few different ways:

The first standard stencil has 4 uniform lines. These are perfect for small businesses who wish to send out orders with uniform spacing and lettering. These will truly be a time saver as even after multiple cards, you won't have to worry about sloppy, crooked lines. It's also perfect for all those holiday greeting cards and wedding invitations.
The second stencil includes a large opening along with 3 smaller, standardized lines. This stencil allows you to get more creative with those letters. Use it right side up to emphasize the recipient's name or flip it over to increase the height of the zip code/bottom row.

As the size of our stencils are between 4 to 5", they will work on all letter size envelopes-
A2, A6, A7, envelopes #10 + more.

The ruler along the bottom also allows you to customize any type of writing style, while having a built in guide for even spacing.

Your invitations, letters, recipe cards and really any DIY crafts will be looking better than ever in no time. These stencils are your new secret aid for professional, centered and all over lovely cards. Pair this tool with your favorite pens or brush lettering to create beautiful hand written pieces.

Product Features

NEW SECRET WEAPON FOR ADDRESSING ENVELOPES- The Letterings stencil is a clear plastic guide that has perfectly spaced lines to help center your address and keep all letters identical in sizing. Every envelope you use it for will have straight writing without you having to focus manually on creating straight lines. CREATE STUNNING, CUSTOMIZED ENVELOPES FOR YOUR LETTERS- 2 different stencil options available to you to fit all your lettering needs. The two different stencil styles fit a variety of envelopes and writing surfaces. Can be used on many envelopes sizes. Between the two options, the possibilities are endless. Use it to send snail mail, create beautifully written out recipe cards, address orders for your small business, and create calligraphy notes and labels, all while look DIY and GIFT GIVING NOW EASIER THAN EVER- These stencils are clear which allow for previewing your work underneath. It also has a build in ruler along the bottomIt elevates all labels, tags, Christmas cards, and just general notes to make it look more professional and uniform. The ruler along the bottom edge also allows for proper spacing and measuring things out. Space measurements are in CM. BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED FOR GIFT GIVING. The kraft envelope carrying case makes it easy to carry around and for gift giving. This is a perfect gift for a bride to be for all those invitations, save-the-dates and thank you notes. Even after the 50th card, your writing will still be straight and uniform without you having to worry about it. LONG LASTING, DURABLE, AND EASY TO USE. Each stencil is 0.8mm thick made of good quality thick, bendable material. This means that your stencil will not break easily or fall apart.

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